The best way to experience a territory is on foot or riding a bike, even an electric one!
Introd offers a large network of unpaved paths for trekking or bike touring.

A Mountain to Discover

What about winter? Time for long snowshoeing and memorable ski mountaineering in the valleys near the Park. For a truly fascinating experience we suggest the artistic path L’Anima dei Luoghi, an itinerary to discover the works of the sculptor Franco Chevrère, who’s lived in the Les Combes village and often returns there for strong affection.

The Cammino Balteo

A partir de Introd commence la 16me étape du Cammino Balteo, un voyage au cœur d’un territoire de 350 km plongés dans la nature et dans l’histoire. Un parcours qui se déroule au milieu des bois et des torrents, entouré par une nature authentique et sauvage, jusqu’aux portes du Parc du Grand Paradis.

The Experiences of Introd


There is no better way to spend a a day: walking towards snow capped peaks to discover mountain flora, fauna and breathtaking landscapes within the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

Mountain Bike

To summer bikers who love dirt roads Introd offers many uphill and downhill rides. In August don’t miss Aperibike, a unique event with MTB guides through gorgeous itineraries among nature, history and crafts, including delicious food and wine tastings.


Those mountain lovers who want to reach the top can engage with equipped paths, a great experience to try with a guide, if it’s first time. And if that will make you a passionate it will be easy to buy the right equipment and learn all the safety procedures.

Skis and Snowshoes

Mountains are for all seasons. What could be more unique than snowy sceneries, silence and that muffled sound of footsteps on fresh snow? Introd has many snowshoes tours for the magic of a winter nature to live. All lovers of cross-country and downhill skiing will find beautiful runs in the Parco Grand Paradiso in the nearby Rhêmes and Valsavarenche villages.

Mountain climbing

Climbing is the king of mountain sports and within the Park you’ll have the chance to see the majestic Grand Paradiso in all its 4.036 m. of altitude. This is an intense and rather extreme sport to approach with the right training and caution, adequate clothes and equipment and, most important, accompanied by a professional mountain guide!

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