Here nature is unspoilt, immersed in the greenest of woods at the gates of one of the best National Parks of Europe: Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, a surface of 70.000 hectars with more than 500 km of trails. For neverending wonders, Introd offers the only animal park of the region. The Parc Animalier of Introd is a fantastic site hosting a great variety of vegetable and animal species of the Alpine area and… a 2022 new entry, the wolf! Nature is truly unique here.

The Parc Animalier of Introd

Fantastic animals

Unique in its genre in Valle d’Aosta this park hosts deer, foxes, ibexes, wild boars, hedgehogs, groundhogs, eagles and many more. All you have to do is keep your eyes open, respectfully, for a journey full of emotions.

Alpine Plants and Flowers

Inside the Parc you will see many species of indigenous colorful flora. A feast of scents and colors as a tribute to Nature, where you can admire the authentic vegetation of the Alps and see from close rarities like the velvety Edelweiss.

The National Parc Gran Paradiso

Introd is one of the 13 communes inside the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, a protected area where Nature is the queen. To encounter an ibex, hear a groundhog whistle, see a bearded vulture circling above… these are rare emotions. This is a territory with a wild yet multicolored nature, ready to change outfit every season. And change sports activities as well: trekking, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, snowshoeing… how can you resist?

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