Virtual Tour in the
Plan d'Introd's Dairy!

Discover the virtual tour in the Plan d’Introd’s Dairy… An incredible interactive path into the ancient traditions!

The Dairy of Plan-d’Introd

Founded in 1890 by 22 inhabitants of the village, the « Société de laiterie de Plan Introd » buyed, in 1908, a part of a large building (also housing the oven and the wash-house of the village), to settle down. The company has been organized inspiring from Switzerland’s Valais model, without a “fruitier”, so each associate, when it was his turn, used to make cheese and butter for everybody. The dairy-farm kept producing until the Seventies, and still has its original machineries. Restored thanks to UE project Alcotra 2007/2013 n° 85 « traditions actuelles », the dairy now hosts, from 2011, the “traditional techniques of milk processing museum”.

The visit to the museum is included in 6 p.m.
Introd Castle’s entering ticket, when opened.

The Dairy of Les Villes-Dessus

This construction has been built by the inhabitants of the villages of “Les Villes-Dessus” and “Norat”, in order to “construire une maison pour la laiterie sociale des Villes dessus et chambres pour écoles”, (build a house for the social dairy-farm of Villes-Dessus and rooms for schools). Each family contributed proportionally to the number of cows owned. Finished between 1913 and 1914, the the dairy had a cellar for cheese maturing, and was equipped with a water turbine, fed by an ancient source. On the first floor there was the bedroom of “fruitier” and another room used as a school-room. The dairy-farm continued its production until the half of the Eighties.
Restored thanks to UE project Alcotra 2007/2013 n° 85 « traditions actuelles », the dairy is now an interactive learning center, especially conceived for students and their families, to discover the traditional milk production.

The center is opened from July 1st to September 9th,
every day, from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.